Welcome to our family of Leonbergers

Etienne, Etiennette, Eponine, Uppeline, Ugolaine-Tina, Rosine, Rosalinde, Lucya, Fantin, Socrate, Robin, Jourdaine, Gavroche, Orwen, Odile, Eugénie, Carmen, Adèle H, Amélie, Antonin

Choice of  old lines far removed from current examples.
Preference for elegant Leonbergers
of good type having an excellent construction and the old type of head
with red and black colouring.
Having working aptitude and a gentle intelligence as well as the typical sensibility of the Leonberger .
The selection of lines of Leonbergs having a good longevity .

Python de Traou an Dour dit Socrate

Gamin dit Gavroche de la Petite Saunerie

CHIB Robin des Neiges de Chantelouve

Adèle H-Floréal des Neiges de Chantelouve


We breed for quality rather than quantity
Our dogs share our life in the home and all our activities.
In our home there are no kennels or pens for our Leonbergers.
Our Leonberger puppies are brought up totally as part of the family and are reserved for amateurs with a passion for the breed.
Our potential new families are strictly selected in the best interests of the dog.
We follow each of our dogs throughout its life
.We accept no reservation by telephone or internet

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Leonbergs des Neiges de Chantelouve
Leonberger Dogs Breeders
Les Neiges de Chantelouve
Professionnal Breed
Breeder N° 272291 - Affix 58983
Normandie -150 km West of Paris

Affiliated to
French Klub for Leonberger
German Leonbergerklub
Waters rescue Klub ATCSA and Klub CAP

Dominique Felix
Professionnal Breeder DDSV-09-032
Siret 509 914 115 00019
Canine educator 1st degree

Jean-Claude Gauthier
Chevalier de l'Ordre du Mérite Agricole en 1989
Officier de l'Ordre du Mérite Agricole en 2006

33/(0)232 43 61 72
03/(0)687 847 204



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